Use the following setting to connect to the WFUwireless network from an Android device:

SSID:     WFUwireless

EAP method:     PEAP

Security:     802.1x EAP

Phase 2 authentication:     MSCHAPv2

Server CA certificate:     Default -or- (unspecified)

Subject Match:     <blank>

User certificate:     None installed

Identity:     WFU Username

Password:     WFU Password

Anonymous identity:     <blank>

The setting names and options vary slightly on different devices and some settings may not be listed. If you have previously tried to connect to the WFUwireless network and you're having difficulty, click on WFUwireless in the network list and select 'Forget Network'.

If you experience difficulty connecting to the WFUwireless network, please visit the law school IT Department Help Desk for assistance.