Follow the instructions below to download and install the Exam4 software you will use to take your exams.

If you have an old copy of the Exam4 software, it has expired. You must reinstall the software.

If you have questions related to the installation and use of the exam software, please visit the IT Department Help Desk (Law Library, 2nd Floor) for assistance. Please understand that we may not be able to troubleshoot installation issues on the day of your exam.

Downloading and Installing Exam4

To download the software, go to

Fill out the form, select your operating system, and click ‘Submit & Proceed to Download’. You will be presented a page with the appropriate software download and installation instructions. Follow the provided instructions to complete the installation. Please note the hardware and software requirements.

Practice Exam

After installing the Exam4 software you need to complete a practice exam. Taking a practice exam will ensure that Exam4 runs as expected on your computer. It also gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the interface. We encourage you to complete the practice exam as soon as possible so there is enough time to resolve any issues that may arise.

Before taking a practice exam, restart your computer. Then, launch the Exam4 software and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to enter your anonymous number (available on the My Profile page of the law school Intranet) and select ‘Practice Exam’ from the course list. For the Exam Mode, enter CLOSED. There is no exam question, just a blank page where you can enter text. End the exam and submit it electronically. (Please note that you will only be able to submit the exam electronically from on-campus.)

We also recommend restarting your computer before taking any actual exams. 

Resolving Issues

If, during the practice exam, the Exam4 software identifies a problem, you will be presented with a security alert code that you must submit using the Exam4 support form. Exam4 will provide instructions on how to correct the issue. If a security alert is generated during the startup process of an actual exam, you may opt for a loaner computer, if available (see below), or you will be required to hand write your exam.

Loaner Computers

A limited number of loaner computers will be available should your computer experience a problem on the day of an exam. These computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis from the IT Department Help Desk (Law Library, 2nd Floor) a minimum of 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time of your exam. We do not guarantee that a loaner will be available and reservations are not accepted. The expectation is that you will use your computer to take your exams.