Generating Google 2-Step Backup Codes

Step 1: Go to, if you are signed into your Wake Forest account you will receive the following screen, select Sign-in & Security (If you are not signed in, you will need to select your email from the list provided or click the sign-in option in the top right of the screen)

Step 2: Scroll down the page to the Signing in to Google section and under password & sign-in method click 2-Step Verification

Step 3: You will be asked to confirm your account by typing in your password and then click Next

Step 4: Scroll down the page until you see the Backup codes option and click SET UP

Step 5: You then receive a list of 10 one-time use backup codes that you can print or download (Note: You can only generate 10 codes at a time but you can generate a new set of 10 at anytime however this will deactivate any previously unused codes)

Step 6: When all 10 backup codes have been used or to simply generate a new set of 10 repeat steps 1 to 4 and select SHOW CODES

Step 7: The backup codes will show as ALREADY USED or and “X” in the box next to the code, click GET NEW CODES and a new list of 10 one-time use codes will be available to print or download