Step 1: Compose a draft email, click on 'Compose' in Gmail, and write the email that you want to send in mass

*Make sure you are using the web version of Gmail and not a third party mail client ie. Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

Step 2: Enter the information you will want to be auto-populated in mass via Google Sheet data by typing {{Column Name}}, for example, if you have a Google Sheet column of 'First Name' and you are looking to merge those names into each email this will be represented as {{First Name}} 

*Ensure that the text you place in-between the brackets {{Column Name}} matches the Google Sheet column name exactly

*In the example above you can see that in this email they are auto populating the following information {{First Name}} {{opens}} {{clicks}} and {{bounces}}

Step 3: Leave the 'Recipient' field blank

Step 4: Close out of the draft but DO NOT delete it

*Email drafts are automatically saved to your drafts folder in Gmail as long as you do not select the trash can option to delete them

*You may select the "Draft" folder in your gmail menu to see all your current email drafts

Step 5: Open a new blank Google Sheet

Step 6: Populate the information you will need into this sheet

*Be sure the email address column is populated with the correct addresses for your recipients

Step 7: Click the "Add-ons" drop-down, hover over the "Yet Another Mail Merge..." option, and then select the "Start Mail Merge"

*If you have not yet installed the mail merge add-on please see our Installing Mail Merge in Gmail solution

Step 8: When prompted select the proper column that contains the recipient email address

Step 9: Add the senders name

Step 10: Select the draft email from the email template drop down you made in steps 1 and 2

Step 11 [Optional]: You may click the + icon to change additional settings for the mail merge

Step 12: Test your mail merge prior to sending, select the "Sent a test" button

*This test will merge the data from the first visible recipient listed on the Google Sheet (row 2) and send the test to your email inbox.

Step 15: Check your inbox for the test email

Step 16: If the test is successful return to the Google Sheet and select the "Send # emails" button to finalize and send your email campaign

If you run into any issues or have questions about using the Gmail mail merge add-on feel free to contact the help desk at or (336) 758-4300