Step 1: Compose a draft email, click on 'Compose' in Gmail, and write the email that you want to send in mass

*Make sure you are using the web version of Gmail and not a third party mail client ie. Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

Step 2: Enter information you will want to be auto populated in mass via Google Sheet data by typing {{Column Name}}, for example if you have a Google Sheet column of 'First Name' and you are looking to merge those names into each email this will be represented as {{First Name}} 

*Ensure that the text you place in-between the brackets {{Column Name}} matches the Google Sheet column name exactly

*In the example above you can see that in this email they are auto populating the following information {{First Name}} {{opens}} {{clicks}} and {{bounces}}

Step 3: Leave the 'Recipient' field blank

Step 4: Close out of the draft but DO NOT delete it

*Email drafts are automatically saved to your drafts folder in Gmail as long as you do not select the trash can option to delete them

*You may select the "Draft" folder in your gmail menu to see all your current email drafts

Step 5: Open a new blank Google Sheet

*You will transfer your data into this Google Sheet once it has been configured for the mail merge

Step 6: Click the "Add-ons" drop-down, hover over the "Mail Merge with Attachments" option and then select the "Create Mail Merge Template"

*If you have not yet enabled the Mail Merge add-on please see our Enabling Mail Merge in Gmail solution

Step 7: Populate the information you will need into this sheet. You can create additional columns for other data that is not captured by the default headers and then can simply copy and paste your data into the sheet.

*Be sure the email address column is populated with the correct addresses for your recipients

Step 8: Configure the mail merge

Step 9: In the Google Sheet you are merging from click the "Add-ons" dropdown menu

Step 10: Hover over the "Mail Merge with Attachments" add-on

Step 11: Select the 'Configure Mail Merge' option

Step 12: Configure the sender's email information address, name, CC address, BCC address, etc.

Step 13: Select the "Create Email Template" option, here you will either draft the email using a Visual Editor (manually type out the message inputting the merge fields) or you can select the "Use Gmail draft" option and select the previously created message from your Gmail drafts folder

Step 14: Test your mail merge prior to sending, select the "Send Email Campaign" option and then check the "Send a test email" click the "Go" button to send the test

*This test will merge the data from the first visible recipient listed on the Google Sheet (row 2) and send the test to your email inbox.

Step 15: Check your inbox for the test email

Step 16: If the test is successful return to the Google Sheet and select the "Send Email Campaign" option again but this time choose the "Run Mail Merge" option

Step 17:  Click the "Go" button to start the mail merge and send out your mass email

If you run into any issues or have questions about using the Gmail Mail Merge ad-on feel free to contact the help desk at or (336) 758-4300