Step 1: Compose a draft email, click on 'Compose' in Gmail, and write the email that you want to send in mass

*Make sure you are using the web version of Gmail and not a third party mail client ie. Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.

Step 2: Enter information you will want to be auto populated in mass via Google Sheet data by typing {{Column Name}}, for example if you have a Google Sheet column of 'First Name' and you are looking to merge those names into each email this will be represented as {{First Name}} 

*Ensure that the text you place in-between the brackets {{Column Name}} matches the Google Sheet column name exactly

*In the example above you can see that in this email they are auto populating the following information {{First Name}} {{opens}} {{clicks}} and {{bounces}}

Step 3: Leave the 'Recipient' field blank

Step 4: Close out of the draft but DO NOT delete it

*Email drafts are automatically saved to your drafts folder in Gmail as long as you do not select the trash can option to delete them

*You may select the "Draft" folder in your gmail menu to see all your current email drafts

Step 5: Open a previously created Google Sheet or create a new one that you will be pulling data from to merge into your emails

*This Google Sheet must include the email addresses of those individuals you are looking to contact

Step 6: Confirm or create column header names in Row 1 that match the names you placed in brackets within your draft email ie. {{First Name}}

*These headers must ALWAYS stay on the first row

Step 7: Populate the information you will need into this sheet or confirm that all the previously entered data is correct

Step 8: Start the mail merge

*If you have not yet installed the YAMM add-on please see our Installing YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) solution

Step 9: In the Google Sheet you are merging from click the "Add-ons" dropdown menu

Step 10: Hover over the 'Yet Another Mail Merge' add-on

Step 11: Select the 'Start Mail Merge' option

*A best practice would be to make sure the column name of your contact list is called 'Email Address', YAMM will automatically detect your contact column if it is named such

*However, you can name this recipient column any name you want. For example, if you initially called it 'Accounts', then YAMM will ask you to select the right recipient column and you can choose the 'Accounts' column

Step 12: Add your name or the name you want to appear as the sender into the 'Sender Name' field

Step 13: Select the draft email you created previously from the 'Email Template' dropdown

Step 14: Test your mail merge prior to sending by selecting the 'Receive a test email' option

Step 15: Check your inbox for the test email

*YAMM will merge the data from the first visible recipient listed on the Google Sheet in this test email so the email you receive will traditionally populate with whatever data is in Row 2 of your Google Sheet 

Step 16: If the test is successful return to the Google Sheet and select the 'Send # emails' button to complete the mail merge and send your mass email

*Note the number shown on the 'Send # emails' button is a helpful way to confirm this email is being sent to the correct amount of recipients listed in your Google Sheet 

If you run into any issues or have questions about using YAMM feel free to contact the help desk at or (336) 758-4300