This quick start guide will walk you through accessing a WebEx meeting room.


Step 1: Open a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) and navigate to the meeting room link that you have been provided

If you do not have a meeting link you should reach out to the host/professor to obtain one

Step 2: When you navigate to the meeting URL you will come to a welcome screen which will say "Host's Name" Personal Room or the meeting title

Step 3: Enter your name and your email address and the Join Meeting button will turn green, you can now click the button to join the WebEx

Step 4: You will now see the startup process for WebEx, when that finishes you will see the options menu where you can choose what devices you want to connect for audio and video, below are the default settings you want to use

Audio Connection = Call Using Computer

Speakers = Internal Speakers

Microphone = Internal Microphone

Video Connection = Internal Camera

When those settings are in place simply click the "Connect Audio and Video" button to finish accessing the WebEx meeting room

NOTE:  If you enter the room before the host you will receive a waiting screen, there is no need to notify the host, as soon as the room is opened you will automatically start to join and be able to connect your audio and video

Step 5: Once the meeting has ended simply click the red circle with an X in it at the bottom of the window and you will leave the meeting