*NOTE: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for WebEx, though other browsers may work for the best experience and access to support please use Google Chrome

Step 1: Log in to https://wake.webex.com 

NOTE: if this is your first time accessing WebEx please refer to our "Installing the WebEx web application" support solution

Step 2: If you are Modern View, change to Classic View.


Step 3: If the site menu bar disappears in Classic View, click the Webex Site Menus button in the top right corner.

Step 4: Click on Preferences located on the left menu.

Step 5: Choose the My Personal Room tab.

Step 6: Enter in a Host PIN and click Save. 

NOTE:  Be sure to remember your Host Pin. The Wake Forest School of Law IT department recommends using the last 4 digits of your WFU extension.

Step 7: Select the Let me choose alternate hosts for my Personal Room meetings. 

Step 8: Enter lawwebex@wfu.edu and enter the WFU email addresses of anyone who would regularly start a meeting on your behalf.

Step 9: Click Save at the bottom of the window.

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