Your Webex Personal Room is like your virtual office where people can drop in to visit you.

  • You're always the host of the meeting
  • You can send meeting invitations and reminders. 
  • It's available at a consistent URL based on your WFU username. 
  • You can lock your personal room to control who joins the meeting. 
  • Start the meeting on the fly without having to use the scheduler.
  • Personal Rooms can be configured to allow one or more alternate hosts who can start meetings on your behalf.

*NOTE: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for WebEx, though other browsers may work for the best experience and access to support please use Google Chrome

Using your Personal Room 

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Invite your attendees to your Webex Personal Room by email or send an invitation after you have started your meeting.


Step 3: Click Start Meeting to launch your Webex meeting.

Step 4: Once a meeting is started, the icons below are displayed along the bottom of the meeting window to allow you to control the settings, views, and options.

*Some options are only available to meeting hosts.

Audio and Video Connections - audio and video connection options/settings 

Share Content - share your screen, windows or files 

Record Meeting - record audio and/or video 

Participants - list meeting participants 

Chat - displays meeting chat 

Additional options: 

  • Notes - take meeting notes within Webex 
  • Lock meeting - lock meeting to prevent additional participants from joining 
  • Invite and Remind - send invitations or reminders directly from the meeting 
  • Copy Meeting Link - copy meeting link for sharing 

End Meeting ends the meeting for all participants and stops any recording/sharing

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