This support solution will walk you through creating a Google Calendar event and enabling "Google Hangouts Meet" to create a conference call-in number.

Step 1: Log in to your Wake Forest Gmail account

Step 2: Select the 9 squares Google Apps menu in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox and choose the Calendar app

Step 3: Schedule the meeting time that you would like to have a conference call for, simply click and drag on the date and time you would like and a box will appear to enter the meeting settings, enter the name of the meeting and then choose the "More options" link

Step 4: Enter in all the standard meeting information (location, description, add guests, etc.) and then click on the "Add conferencing" drop-down and select the "Hangouts Meet" option

Step 5: After enabling the "Hangouts Meet" option select drop-down arrow to the right of the "Join Hangouts Meet" menu, this will reveal the conference call information

Step 6: Make note of the phone number and pin, these are what you and your guests will need to connect to your conference call

Step 7: You may now click the "Save" button in the top right to finish scheduling your meeting, those individuals you have invited will receive an email invite that will include the necessary call-in information, you may also directly share the call-in information you obtained from Step 6

Step 8: On the date and time of your event call in using the phone number provided and enter the PIN followed by the pound key to access the conference call

If you have issues scheduling the conference call or run into problems while trying to connect to the call please call the Law School help desk at 336-758-4300 for additional support.