Before Starting Your Exam

Confirm that you have the following: 

  • The exam instructions from your professor
  • The exam document code from your professor
  • Your anonymous number
    This is available on the My Profile page of the law school Intranet.
  • Exam4 installed AND TESTED on your computer
  • Exam4 DocumentViewer installed AND TESTED on your computer

Refer to 'Installing and testing the exam software' if you have not completed a practice exam.

Starting Your Exam

You can start your exam between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon EDT. This also applies to self-scheduled exams. Please note that self-scheduled exams can not be taken on weekends.

Carefully follow these steps to start each of your exams:

Step 1: Plug in your computer

Step 2: Restart your computer

You should restart your computer prior to each exam to improve software performance.

Step 3: Launch the Exam4 application

  • Choose 'Prepare to start new exam'

  • Enter your anonymous number and select your course

  • Enter OPEN and then NETWORK to enable OPEN LAPTOP + NETWORK exam mode

  • Click the 'Begin Exam' button

Step 4: If required, type the honor pledge at the top of the exam

Step 5: Launch the Exam4 DocumentViewer application

  • If prompted for the document server address, type  in the document server address field and click the 'OK' button

  • Enter the document code provided by your professor

Step 6: Return to Exam4 and complete your exam

Keep the Exam4 DocumentViewer open in the background so you can refer back to it during your exam.

Please note that if your exam has multiple choice questions, you need to submit your answers using the multiple choice functionality in Exam4. Refer to 'Installing and testing the exam software' for additional information.

Ending Your Exam

Carefully follow these steps to end each of your exams:

Step 1: Confirm that you have completed both the essay and multiple choice parts of the exam, if applicable

Step 2: If required, type the honor pledge at the bottom of the exam

Step 3: Select 'End Exam Now' from the 'End Exam' drop-down menu in Exam4

Step 4: Click the 'Submit Electronically' button

You should see a green 'Exam Submittal Successful' message.


Step 5: Close the Exam4 application

Step 6: Close the Exam4 DocumentViewer application

Resolving Issues

If you experience technical issues during your exam, please call the IT Department Help Desk at 336-758-4300 and select option 1. If you experience an emergency that is not related to your computer or the exam software which impacts your ability to start or finish your exam, please email Dean Tracey Coan ( or Dean Wendy Parker ( for assistance. One of them will help students from afar, just as they would if students were taking their exams at the law school.