This support solution will walk you through how to use a Zoom meeting to record your computer screen and computer audio along with your webcam. If you have not already requested a Zoom account or hosted your own meeting previously please visit the IS Zoom page for further guidance on how to set up your Zoom account. Once you have Zoom access you may follow the instructions below to record a meeting for future asynchronous teaching.

Step 1: Launch the Zoom application on your computer

Step 2: Click the "New Meeting" button to start a Zoom meeting

Step 3: Select "Join With Computer Audio" or select your audio preference

Step 4: Before recording make sure the audio and video is set to your preference, also make sure the audio is unmuted and the video is started 

Note: Both the "Mute" and "Stop Video" icons should appear as shown below if you have a red line through them be sure to click the icon to enable that device

Step 5: Turn on screen sharing, the "share screen" icon is located on the control bar at the bottom of the Zoom screen

Note: If you have multiple displays you will need to ensure you select the correct screen that you will want to be recorded, numerical identifiers will appear when selecting the screen so you know which one is which

Sharing options:

Share Screen: This shares everything on your screen

Share Application: This shares just a single Application (eg. PowerPoint, Chrome, etc.) and requires less bandwidth than sharing the entire screen

REMEMBER: You will need to click Stop Share before you end a meeting, during a screen share the Zoom menu bar will appear at the top of the screen, you may need to hover your mouse in that area to make it appear

Step 6: To record the meeting after starting a screen share, select the "More" option and then select the "Record on this computer", a little red dot icon will appear in the top left corner of the meeting confirming that you are recording

Note: The recording icon will also allow you to pause or stop the recording as needed, however, the recording won't save until you end the meeting

Step 7: See where your recordings are saved to on your computer and update this location for future recordings if needed

7A: In the Zoom application window select the gear icon for the settings menu

7B: In the left-hand menu select the "Recording" option

7C: The "Store my recordings at:" dropdown shows you where the Zoom recording file is located on your computer, you can click the "Open" button to launch that folder location

7D: To change this location on a Mac click the drop-down menu and select the "Choose a new location..." option, on Windows select the "Change" button and you will then be able to select where you want Zoom to save these recording files

Step 8: Set Zoom to automatically record all meetings

8A: Go to log in with your Wake Forest Google account if prompted

8B: Scroll down the settings menu and find the "Automatic recording" option, toggle this option on if you want to auto-record all your Zoom meetings and select the location where you want these to be saved, the preferred method is on the local computer

At this point, you have successfully completed a recording with Zoom. You can now return to our Recording and posting course videos walkthrough for additional guidance.

For questions or issues you encounter, please email or call our help desk at 336-758-4300.