This support solution will walk you through how to initially set up your iPad to access Zoom, how to connect to a meeting using your iPad, and finally how you can use your iPad as a whiteboard within a meeting.

Part 1 – Initial Setup

Part 2 – Starting/Connecting to Personal Meeting Room

Part 3 – How to use an iPad as a whiteboard 

Part 1 – Initial Setup

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iPad, search for Zoom and install the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app

Step 2: Open the app on your iPad and select the "Sign In" option 

Step 3: Select the "SSO" sign-in option at the bottom of the screen

Step 4: Enter "wakeforest-university" as the company domain and then hit "go" on the keyboard

Step 5: Log in with your Wake Forest Google account

Step 6: On the webpage that appears select the "Open" link to launch the Zoom app on your iPad

You have now connected the Zoom app to your Wake Forest account and can begin to use the app to host and access meetings.

See Parts 2 and 3 for further assistance using the Zoom app. 

Part 2 – Starting/Connecting to Personal Meeting Room

Step 1: Select the "meetings" menu on the left-hand side

Step 2: Select the "Start" button to launch your personal meeting room

Note: If you are already hosting your meeting (using your personal meeting room) from another computer this "Start" option will join you to the meeting in progress as well

Step 3: Follow all prompts that appear to allow Zoom access to your iPad camera and microphone

You now have connected to your personal meeting room on your iPad, you may navigate the meeting using the same standard Zoom menus you have when connected via a computer. To use the iPad as a whiteboard see Part 3 below for further instructions.

Part 3 – How to use an iPad as a whiteboard 

If you just plan to use the iPad as a whiteboard please be sure to turn off your iPad's camera and mute the microphone

Step 1: Tap the screen to reveal the Zoom menu if it has gone away and select the "Share Content" option

Note: If you receive an error stating that only the host can share content you will need to adjust your settings via your host session on the computer to give your iPad access to share content, please see our Allowing Zoom participants access to share screen support solution for further guidance on how to change these settings

Step 2: In the share content menu, select the "Whiteboard" option

Step 3: You will now have a blank whiteboard on the iPad that you may draw on with your hand or Apple pencil that all your meeting participants will see, you should also see this whiteboard on your computer screen as well

Step 4: The three dots in the bottom right corner will give you additional settings for the whiteboard along with the standard options that appear at the bottom of the screen

Step 5: When you are done with the whiteboard you may click the drop-down arrow at the top center of the screen and then select the "Stop Share" option to end this current whiteboard but leave the iPad in the meeting for future whiteboard access, you can also select the "Leave" button to completely disconnect the iPad from the meeting if you know you are done with the whiteboard for the remainder of the meeting

You now have accessed your Zoom meeting using an iPad and shared a whiteboard from the iPad to sketch content for your participants.

For additional questions or assistance, you may email or call our help desk at 336-758-4300.