This support solution will walk you through requesting a Wake Forest Zoom account and how to properly sign into Zoom using your Wake Forest account to have all the necessary features for meetings and/or class participation.

NOTE: Before starting this process we suggest that you log out of all personal Gmail accounts and that you log out of the Chrome browser or whichever web browser you have set as your default browser to ensure Zoom does not try to use a non-Wake account to set up the account

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: In the top left corner select the "Request a Zoom Account"

Step 3: Sign-in with your Wake Forest account, if prompted with multiple accounts to choose from be sure to select the one

Step 4: In the following window make sure your email address listed is the account, click the "Send me a copy of my responses" to receive a confirmation for your records, and finally click the "Submit" button to request your Zoom account

Step 5: You will have to wait up to 1 hour for this account to be created if after an hour you can not access Zoom using your Wake account you can reach out to for additional assistance

Step 6: Once your account is created you will want to login to Zoom using you Wake account, you can do this via a web browser or the Zoom app, see below for instructions to both

6A. In a web browser go to, select the "Sign In" option, and log in using your Wake Forest Gmail

6B. Open the Zoom app on your computer, select the "Sign In" button, choose "Sign In with SSO", enter the company domain as "wakeforest-university", click continue and finally sign in with your Wake Forest account

Step 7: Attend or host meetings as needed using your Wake Forest Zoom account

You now should have full access to Zoom using your Wake Forest account. If you have further questions or run into issues with this process you can reach out to the law school help desk at or call 336-758-4300.