This support solution will walk you through how to enable the "Dual Monitor" setting in Zoom. This setting allows each Zoom meeting feature to open in a new window so that when using the "Share Screen" option in a Zoom meeting you can have access to multiple meeting tools on one display while sharing content on the other. This also allows you to maximize the view of your meeting participants on one display while continuing to share content on the other display.

Note: When the "Dual Monitor" setting is enabled you will have two Zoom windows appear when starting your meeting, one is the standard meeting window while the other displays your meeting participants and specifically who is speaking. This may not be a preferred standard view but will provide the best user experience when sharing a screen with multiple displays. The "Dual Monitor" setting may be toggled on and off based on when screen sharing is needed.

Step 1: Launch the Zoom desktop application

Step 2: Click the gear icon in the top right for a Zoom settings menu

Step 3: Under the "General" you will want to make sure the "Use dual monitors" option is checked

Step 4: Once that is checked you can close out of that "Settings" menu

Step 5: Launch a Zoom meeting and when you do you should now see two windows appear, one with the standard Zoom controls and a second of just the video feed

Step 6: To set up your screen share you will want to move the content you are looking to share with the participants on one display and then move all the other needed documents, notes, etc. you will want to refer to on the other Display

Step 7: If you are planning to share a PowerPoint presentation via a screen share with dual monitors please refer to our Displaying PowerPoint presentation as a single window support solution for specific guidance on how to update the presentation settings to not take over both displays in Zoom

Step 8: You may now initiate the "Share Screen" option and select either the display or application you are looking to share

Step 9: Your meeting now mirrors the shared content to participants on one display and you will see the participants appear via the second window on the display you are not sharing (this should be the same display your notes and other needed documents are on) you may resize this window on your non shared display to best fit your needs, simply click on the bottom corner and drag to resize

You have now successfully updated your Zoom settings to better allow you to utilize your dual displays. This will allow you to share content in Zoom while still having the ability to see your participants in the most effective manner. If you have further questions or run into issues with this process you can reach out to the law school help desk at or call 336-758-4300.