This support solution will provide guidance on how to access a Zoom meeting attendance report as well as how to export that report for record-keeping. Please note that these reports are only temporarily available on Zoom so if you need to retain the report you will want to export it and store the file elsewhere to ensure you do not lose that data.

Step 1: Host your Zoom meeting as you normally would, this can be your personal meeting room or a scheduled meeting, there is no need to enable any additional settings these Zoom meetings will all track which participants attend the meeting

Step 2: Go to and sign in with your Wake Forest Google account

Step 3: In the left-hand menu select the "Reports" option

Step 4: In the window that appears select the "Usage" option

Step 5: By default, the reports it displays should be the most recent meetings, you can change the date range to view previous meetings you hosted if needed, to access the report simply click on the number of participants listed and a new window will appear

Note: It may take approximately 15 minutes once your meeting ends for it to appear in this reports view, if you don't initially see the meeting you may need to wait a few more minutes and refresh the page

Step 6: The next window that appears will list all those who participated in your meeting, it will show when they joined, when they left, and how long they were in the meeting for, to export this meeting attendance data simply click the blue "Export" button and an Excel file will download

You have now successfully accessed and exported the attendance report for one of your Zoom meetings. If you have further questions or run into issues with this process you can reach out to the law school help desk at or call 336-758-4300.