Kaltura is a media management platform for creating and publishing video, audio, and other media content. This all-in-one solution provides a streamlined process to record, edit, and publish content. With its Canvas integration, Kaltura makes it easy to incorporate this content into your Canvas courses. This service is available to all Wake Forest University faculty, staff, and students.

The primary functions of the Kaltura suite center around the items listed below. Though these functions work hand in hand to create a comprehensive media production process they can also be used independently from one another and combined with other media tools and recording processes you might already be familiar with such as Screencast-O-Matic, Zoom, etc.

  • Content Capture
  • Content Hosting & Management¬†
  • Editing
  • Publishing

Previously the Law School utilized the Panopto video platform to generate and manage media content. With the move to Kaltura, we will no longer be offering the Panopto platform. Please see our Transitioning from Panopto to Kaltura support solution for further information.

The following walkthroughs will provide you guidance and access to additional support solutions to help get you started using Kaltura. There are various ways in which you may access the suite of media tools based on how you intend to work with and ultimately share content via Kaltura. Please review the two options below and select the proper walkthrough for your needs.

Kaltura: Using via Canvas Walkthrough

For those who teach courses using Canvas, you should follow our Kaltura: Using via Canvas Walkthrough . This will show you how to access, create, manage, and post content using Kaltura without ever having to leave the Canvas environment.

Kaltura: Using via Mediaspace Walkthrough

For those who are not actively using Canvas or are simply looking for a general overview of Kaltura and how you might want to utilize the tools offered in conjunction with other media tools you are familiar with, you should follow our Kaltura: Using via Mediaspace Walkthrough.

For additional training materials and advanced tutorials, you may visit the Kaltura Learning website.

If you have specific questions regarding Kaltura or need further guidance on which walkthrough you should be using please contact us at lawhelp@wfu.edu or 336-758-4300.