This walkthrough will give a step by step guide to getting started with Kaltura. This guide was designed for those who plan to use the Kaltura suite via the Medispace website and may only be interested in select features of Kaltura.

If you are teaching using the Canvas learning management system we would suggest you refer to our Kaltura: Using via Canvas Walkthrough, this will show you how to access and utilize the Kaltura suite directly within your Canvas course. 

Step 1: Go to the website and log in with your Wake Forest Google account

Step 2: Next we suggest you install the Kaltura Capture desktop application to easily use your computer to record both the screen and webcam to create presentation recordings as well as any other recorded content you may need, use the link below for specific guidance on how to install the Kaltura Capture application

Kaltura: Installing Kaltura Capture

Step 3: The next item we suggest you review is how to record using the Kaltura Capture application, use the link below for specific guidance on how to use Kaltura Capture to create various content for your course and beyond

Kaltura: Record using Kaltura Capture

Step 4: Below you will see a link to our support solution for accessing and managing Kaltura media, this would include the specific Kaltura Capture recordings you create as well as any additional media you choose to house within Kaltura, this support solution will show you how to effectively access and manage that content

Kaltura: Accessing & managing media

Step 5: Now that you have created and/or uploaded content to your Kaltura account you may want to make some edits to that media to further streamline the content and give it a more polished look, you may refer to the link below for additional tutorials on how to access and use the Kaltura editor

Kaltura: Editing recordings with Kaltura

You have now successfully reviewed the basic features of the Kaltura media suite.  If you run into issues with any of the support solutions provided or have additional questions you may reach out to us at or 336-758-4300.