This support solution will walk you through how to download the Kaltura Capture desktop application. This application is what you will use to record your screen and/or your webcam to create presentation recordings or any other recorded content within Kaltura. You will only need to install the application one time and every time thereafter when you select the Kaltura Capture option within your Kaltura "My Media" page the application will automatically open.

Step 1: Access your "My Media" page in Kaltura

*Canvas users will access this via the "My Media" menu item in their course navigation list, if you do not see that please refer to our Kaltura: Adding “My Media” access to Canvas

*Those using the mediaspace website should access it via the "My Media" section under their user account, if you click your name you will see "My Media" listed

Step 2: Click the "Add New" option and in the menu that appears and select "Kaltura Capture" 

Step 3: In the screen that appears under the "Using Kaltura Capture for the first time?" section select the appropriate download for the type of computer you are using

Step 4: Click and open the installer file (.msi or .dmg) once it completes downloading

Step 5: Follow the instructions provided to complete the installation

You have now successfully installed the Kaltura Capture desktop application. You may now refer back to the Kaltura: Using via Canvas Walkthrough or Kaltura: Using via Mediaspace Walkthrough for additional guidance on how to begin recording/managing your Kaltura content. If you run into issues with the installation or have additional questions you may reach out to us at or 336-758-4300.