This support solution will walk you through the process of embedding Kaltura recordings within a Canvas course. The embed functionality will work within announcements, assignments, pages, or any other standard course element you might need to create. 

Step 1: Go to and login

Step 2: Find and select the course you are looking to add Kaltura content to

Step 3: Find or create the course element (announcement, assignment, page, etc.) you are looking to add the Kaltura media to

Step 4: In the editor window select the power plug icon, the first time you access this menu you will have only one option to view all plugins, in the "Select App" window that appears select the "Embed Kaltura Media" option

Step 5: Now back in the editor window select the power plug icon again, you should now be able to access your Kaltura content by clicking the "Embed Kaltura media" and this option will remain for you throughout Canvas

Step 6: In the window that appears you may now search your entire Kaltura "My Media" repository for the specific content you would like to embed in this Canvas element and when ready click the "Embed" button to add it

Step 7: The embedded media will now appear in the editor pane for this Canvas element, complete any additional edits you need to make and click the "Save" or "Save & Publish" button when finished

*Note: Instructors will not be able to view media through “Student View” because Kaltura authenticates users, Kaltura does not recognize an authentication when you view your course through the Student View, this is working as designed

You have now successfully embedded Kaltura media within your Canvas course. For additional guidance you can refer back to the Kaltura: Using via Canvas Walkthrough or Kaltura: Using via Mediaspace Walkthrough. If you run into issues embedding Kaltura media into Canvas or have additional questions you may reach out to us at or 336-758-4300.