Introducing Kaltura

Wake Forest University recently announced the availability of Kaltura, a media management platform for creating and publishing video, audio, and other media content. This all-in-one solution provides a streamlined process to record, edit, and publish content. With its Canvas integration, Kaltura makes it easy to incorporate this content into your Canvas courses.

Transitioning from Panopto to Kaltura

In light of the University's decision to adopt Kaltura as the preferred University-wide media management platform, the School of Law will phase out Panopto and transition to Kaltura. In this Transition Guide you will find information about the discontinuation of Panopto and the migration of existing content from Panopto to Kaltura, a comparison of the two platforms, a step-by-step guide to help you get started with Kaltura, and information about additional Kaltura learning opportunities and support resources.

Key Dates:

  • Immediately: Kaltura platform, including the Canvas integration, is available to faculty
  • December 11, 2020: Panopto becomes "View Only" ... no new content can be created, edited, or published
  • January 31, 2021: Panopto will be discontinued

Beginning on Friday, December 11, Panopto will become "View Only." After this date, you will not be able to create, edit, or publish content using Panopto. Existing video and audio content that has already been published will remain accessible until January 31 when Panopto will be discontinued.

All Panopto content will be migrated to Kaltura before Panopto is discontinued. This will happen in two phases. During the initial phase which is already in progress, all Panopto content that was created on or before October 1 is being migrated to Kaltura. During the second phase, which will commence on December 11 when Panopto becomes "View Only," all remaining Panopto content will be migrated.

Once each phase of the migration is complete, information will be provided to impacted users about how to find their content in Kaltura and the process for updating linked or embedded content in your Canvas courses or elsewhere.

Feature Comparison:

This chart compares the core functionality of Kaltura and Panopto. While different in appearance, Kaltura offers the same functionality as Panopto. In fact, as you will see in the chart below, Kaltura offers additional functionality that was not available in Panopto.

Desktop recording applicationYesYes
Media editorYesYes
Add descriptionYesYes
Trim contentYesYes
Add intro & outro cutsYesYes
Add transitionsYesNo
Create chaptersYesYes
Insert additional mediaYesYes
Insert hotspot linksYesNo
Insert PowerPoint slidesYesYes
Allow commentsYesYes
Add tagsYesNo
Link sharingYesYes
Closed CaptioningYesYes
Create embedded quizzesYesNo
Create interactive videosYesNo
Canvas integrationYesLimited

Getting started with Kaltura

To get started with Kaltura, please refer to our Kaltura Overview and Getting Started Guide. This guide covers the following topics:

  • Installing the Kaltura recording software
  • Creating a recording with Kaltura
  • Editing a recording with Kaltura
  • Managing your media in Kaltura
  • Publishing and sharing Kaltura media
  • Embedding Kaltura media in a Canvas course (optional)
  • Using Kaltura from within Canvas (optional)

Please note that using the Canvas integration is optional and Kaltura can be used independently of Canvas if desired.

Learning Opportunities

Office Hours:

Later this month and continuing through January, the law school IT department will offer virtual office hours to help you get started and answer your questions about Kaltura. A schedule with links for each session will be distributed to faculty by email.

Training Workshops:

In January, the University is planning a series of Kaltura training workshops that will provide a deep-dive into the following topics:

  • Recording a lecture with slides
  • Managing playlists and channels
  • Adding in-video quizzing
  • Creating interactive (non-linear) videos
  • The Kaltura integration in Canvas

You can learn more and register for the Kaltura training workshops on the Professional Development Center website at

Support Resources:

In addition to our Kaltura Overview and Getting Started Guide, you will find instructional videos and support articles on the Kaltura Learning website at

Wait ... Can I Still Use Screencast-O-Matic?

Yes, absolutely! While Kaltura is the University's preferred media management platform, you can continue to use other tools such as Screencast-O-Matic. The only tool that will no longer be available moving forward is Panopto.

Classroom Recordings

Class recordings that were recorded using the Panopto recorders in each classroom will also be migrated to Kaltura. After January 31, the links to these recordings in Panopto will no longer work. However, the migrated copies of these recordings will be available in Kaltura to the faculty member who requested the recording and they can be published and shared again.

Over the winter break, the classrooms in Worrell will be updated to use Kaltura for classroom recordings. As a result, the process for requesting classroom recordings will change. Beginning in January, recording requests will need to be submitted using the Class Recording Request Form or the Event Recording Request Form in the law school Intranet. Please wait until January, when this new system will be in place, to request classroom recordings.

If you have any questions regarding Kaltura and the transition from Panopto, please contact the law school IT Department Help Desk by visiting, emailing, or calling 336-758-4300.