This support solution will walk you through how to replace old Panopto recordings that were embedded into a Canvas course using the new Kaltura embed for that recording. By following these steps you will be able to obtain the proper Panopto recording information to then find that same recording within your Kaltura "My Media" and replace it within your Canvas course content.

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Find and open the course that you need to update a recording for

Step 3: Within that course open the proper page, announcement, assignment, etc. that the previous Panopto recording was embedded in

Step 4: Click the "Edit" button to open the editor view

*Note: You should see the old Panopto embed or an error message stating that the video can not be found which is ok

Step 5: In the editor view, click the "</>" icon to display the embed code for the Panopto video

Step 6: When the embed code is displayed you will need to find the Panopto recording ID, to easily find the IDs location you can use the ctrl+f function to search the page and enter "id=" within the search bar

*Note: If you have multiple Panopto videos embedded within the page, announcement, assignment, etc. when you search for the ID you will receive multiple results, be sure the id you are locating is the correct one for the video you are looking to update, the HTML code will be in the same sequence that the videos appear on the page

Step 7: Now that you have found the location of the ID you will need to highlight it and copy it for future use, the ID string you will copy is all the characters that appear after the "id=" up to the ampersand (&), for the video in the example below that's all those characters highlighted in grey

Step 8: Once you copy the recording ID you should click the "</>" icon to return to the standard editing view, do not make/save any changes to this HTML code page

Step 9: When back on the standard editor view select the power plug icon, the first time you access this menu you will have only one option to view all apps, in the "Select App" window that appears select the "Embed Kaltura Media" option

Step 10: Now back in the editor window select the power plug icon again, you should now be able to access your Kaltura content by clicking the "Embed Kaltura media" and this option will remain for you throughout Canvas

Step 11: A window will open with your Kaltura "My Media" recordings, in the "Search My Media" field you will paste the Panopto recording ID you copied from the HTML code in step 7 and hit enter

Step 12: This search should find the Kaltura version of the previous Panopto recording, you should see a notice that "Keyword found in 1 Tag" confirming its the same recording, if this is your first time embedding from Kaltura click the gear icon and proceed to step 12 to adjust the embed settings if you have already adjusted these settings for a previous embed you may click the "Embed" button and skip to step 13

Step 13: In the embed settings you will want to select the "Max Embed Size" dropdown and choose the largest option (854 x 480), you may then click the embed button to add the video

*Note: you only have to choose this embed size setting one time, it will save this setting for future Kaltura embeds within Canvas

Step 14: Now that you have added the new Kaltura embed you will want to remove the old Panopto one, to do this simply put your cursor in front of the video or on the line below and then hit delete/backspace to remove the recording from this Canvas element so all you have left is the new Kaltura embed

Step 15: Click the save button to ensure your changes are not lost 

Step 16: Make any additional edits to the Canvas element you might need and then Save and/or publish it when you are done

*Note: Instructors will not be able to view media through “Student View” because Kaltura authenticates users, Kaltura does not recognize an authentication when you view your course through the Student View, this is working as designed

You have now successfully replaced and old Panopto embedded recording in Canvas with a new embed of the Kaltura version of that recording. If you have specific questions about this process or have run into issues while making these changes you can reach out to us at or 336-758-4300.