Below you will find specific information regarding how the classroom microphones work to ensure you properly access and use these microphones to ensure audio is captured for your class recordings.

Classroom Microphone Instructions

The microphone is located in a charging station on the lectern adjacent to the multimedia system touch panel. 

The microphone will unmute automatically when it is removed from the charging station. Check for a BLINKING GREEN indicator light to confirm that the microphone is working. (It may cycle through a variety of colors when initially removed from the charging station.) 

You can mute the microphone by clicking the button on the front of the microphone. The microphone will have a BLINKING RED indicator light when it is muted. If you mute the microphone, don't forget to unmute it.

When you are done, please return the microphone to the charging station. The indicator light on the microphone will turn SOLID ORANGE if it is charging. Please ensure that it is charging before you leave. 

Please note that the microphones in the Auditorium and Courtrooms work differently. 

If you have any questions about sharing classroom recordings or about the operation of the microphones, please contact the IT Department Help Desk at or 336-758-4300.