This support solution will walk you through how to use the Course Import Tool in Canvas to copy course content, assignments, and quizzes from previously taught courses and quickly import them into existing courses.

Please note that Importing Canvas course content using the Course Import Tool will not import existing Kaltura Media Galleries. To copy Kaltura Media Gallery content into a new course please follow our Canvas: Importing Kaltura Media Gallery support solution for further guidance.

Step 1: Navigate to and click the Login button or launch Canvas from the Google App Launcher

Step 2: Select the destination course (i.e. empty course shell or My Sandbox Course) from the Dashboard or the Courses pop-out menu

Step 3: In the destination course, click Settings from the Course Navigation bar (left navigation bar)


Step 4: Click Import Course Content from the right menu

Step 5: From the Import Content page, select Copy a Canvas Course from Content type and enter part of the course name from the Search for a course window

Step 6: Select the All content option to copy the entire course

If you want to copy a portion of your previous course you should choose the Select specific content option and move to our Canvas: Importing specific content support solution to complete the process

If you used the Zoom Tool in Canvas for your previous course, make sure you choose "Select specific content" and then uncheck "Calendar Events" so that the old Zoom calendar items are not imported into your course.

Step 7 [Optional]: If you would like to adjust the course events and dues dates during the import please move to our Canvas: Adjusting course event and due dates during course import support solution

Step 8: Click Import

Step 9: Once you have started an import, the Current Jobs menu displays the job status of any imports in process, as well as any prior import history

Step 10: Once your content import has been completed we urge you to review our Canvas: Refreshing imported content support solution for additional guidance and best practices for preparing this content for the upcoming semester

You have now successfully imported all course content from a previously taught course into an existing course. If you encountered issues or have any questions about this process you can reach out to the Law School IT Department at or 336-758-4300.