This support solution will provide additional guidance on how to adjust events and due dates for content copied from a previous course. If you have not yet reviewed the initial steps of how to start a course import, please see our Canvas: Importing course content support solution before continuing.

Step 1: Select the Adjust events and due dates option

Step 2: Adjust the Beginning date and Ending date of the course to adjust all events and due dates accordingly 

*Note: Alternatively, you can select Remove dates to remove all event and due dates so that you can manually enter them


Step 3 [Optional]: You can explicitly define day substitutions to adjust for changing class schedules, such as moving all assignments on Mondays to Tuesdays. 

3A: Click the Substitution button

You can create as many substitution dates as necessary, Canvas will take the date substitutions and adjust assignments with due dates appropriately across the course dates

3B: In the Move from field, select the day of the week; in the To field, select the new day of the week for the substitution. 

3C: To remove a substitution, click the X icon to the right

Step 4: If you are only importing specific content and not the entire course please return to Step 3 of our Canvas: Importing specific content support solution to complete that process, otherwise proceed to step 5

Step 5: Click import 

Step 6: Once the import is complete double-check the dates that Canvas selects for each assignment to ensure it aligns with your teaching plan

You have now successfully imported course content from a previously taught course into an existing course with the adjusted events and due dates. If you encountered issues or have any questions about this process you can reach out to the Law School IT Department at or 336-758-4300.