This support solution will walk you through how to enable the Kaltura Media Gallery within your new course and then import a previous media gallery from an old course.

Step 1: Enable the Kaltura Media Gallery in your new course that you want to move content to, you can review our Kaltura: Adding “My Media” access to Canvas support solution for specific guidance on how to do this, please make sure you enable the Kaltura Media Gallery navigation option in addition to the My Media

Step 2: In your new course find and select “Kaltura Media Gallery” from the course menu 


Step 3: Click the Channel Actions button in the upper right corner 

Step 4: Choose “Import” from the drop-down menu 


Step 5: Choose the course you want to import the Media Gallery from and click “Import”, your media gallery import will now begin

Step 6: You can refresh the screen to view the gallery once the import has finished

You have now successfully imported your Kaltura Media Gallery from a previous course into your new course. If you encountered issues or have any questions about this process you can reach out to the Law School IT Department at or 336-758-4300.