Ditto is currently supported on Windows Computers, but first you will need to install the Ditto app.

Installing the Ditto Application

  • Download Ditto by visiting the IS Download Page and selecting your WFU Affiliation
  • Once you arrive at the download page, select the 64-bit download option under Ditto Connect for Windows
  • Save and run the downloaded file and proceed through the install process, accepting any default settings 

Connecting to Ditto

First, from the control panel in the room, click on the AirPlay input option, and select your desired screen (selecting both is the recommended option)

  • Open the Ditto application by clicking on the app icon (you may search for it from the start menu)
  • In the Ditto app, enter the room code that is displayed on the screen in the room

  • Click on Connect then click Start Sharing

  • Enter the 4 digit passcode that displays on the screen in the roon

You should now be connected to Ditto and wirelessly sharing your screen.

Disconnecting from Ditto

  • Open the Ditto application located in your taskbar at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on Stop Sharing to end your screen sharing session

You should now be disconnected from Ditto and may close the application.

For additional support, you may stop by the IT helpdesk or reach out to us at 336-758-4300 or