Course feedback results are available for faculty to download shortly after the deadline for submitting grades. Faculty who have already submitted their grades may request the course feedback results earlier by contacting Nan Smith at or 336-758-5434. By default, course feedback results are provided in PDF format. 

Accessing the results

Use the 'Course Feedback' link in the law school Intranet to access your course feedback results.

Follow these steps to download your course feedback results:

  • Click the link in the Project Results section for the desired semester (ie. 'Spring 2018 course feedback surveys')
  • Click the download report icon to the right of your course
  • Select 'Detailed Report + Comments'

This will download a PDF with the course feedback results for that course. For multiple courses, repeat these steps.

If you would prefer to have your course feedback results emailed to you as a PDF or printed for you, please contact Nan Smith at or 336-758-5434.

Interpreting the results

For each question, the report shows the frequency (occurrences and percentage) of each response option. It also shows your mean (average) score for each question. This is a gray bar in the Means section labeled 'Instructor'.

The following benchmarks are provided in the Means section for comparison:

  • All Courses (Degree)
    This is the mean score on each question for all courses in the same degree program. Depending on the course, this is either all JD, LLM only or MSL only courses.

  • All Courses (Level)
    This is the mean score on each question for similar JD courses based on the course level. Depending on the course, this is either all 1L or upper-level courses. This benchmark is not provided for LLM only or MSL only courses.

Co-taught courses

For co-taught courses, questions about the instructor are repeated for each instructor when the course feedback survey is administered. Individual faculty only receive access to their own results. However, general comments made at the end of the survey are available to all instructors in the course.

If you encounter any issues accessing or downloading your course feedback results, please contact the IT Department Help Desk at or 336-758-4300.