NOTE: On December 22, 2022, Wake Forest University implemented PaperCut, a new student printing system. Detailed instructions for installing PaperCut on your device are forthcoming (and will be published on this page). Any law students who need to print during the winter recess can use the new version of DeacPrint, powered by PaperCut.

Print Using DeacPrint

You can upload, manage, and print your documents using DeacPrint, powered by PaperCut:

  1. Log in to DeacPrint with your WFU Google Account.
  2. To add a document for printing, click Web Print, then Submit a Job.
  3. Choose between Black & White or Color printing.
  4. Click Upload Documents, add your documents, then Click Upload and Complete.
  5. Release your print job at any student printer by tapping your WFU ID card on the printer and selecting the job on the touch screen.

* DeacPrint accepts the following file types: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, images, CSV, RTF, TXT. Files must be smaller than 100 MB.